DJ Rogers †

BCCA has only just learned that Life member John Rogers passed away in late 2015 – very sad news.  John was responsible for writing two Histories of the BCCA and many members will still have these books. He was also Editor of the BCCA magazine during the 1970’s & member of the Executive Committee in the 1990’s.  RIP.

New BCCA Candidate Master: Alex Relyea

Alex Relyea has become the first BCCA member in 2017 to earn the BCCA Candidate Master Title. He accumulated the necessary 20 points from 2nd place in a 2016 Silver Medal tournament; 3rd place in a 2015 Silver Medal tournament; Winner of a BCCA Candidates Tournament & a Class 2 Trio. Well played Alex!

The full list of BCCA Title holders can be found here:

The full list of Points Awarded for players who do not yet have a BCCA Title can be found here:

BCCA Matches – Players Required

We have 3 Matches in the pipeline: 1 by webserver & 2 by post:-

1/ NATCOR (Webserver): I need around 15 players rated 2200 or below in a webserver Friendly Match. Each player will face one opponent over two games.

2/ NATCOR (Postal): I need 6-10 players for a Postal Match on the same basis as above.

3/ SWEDEN (Postal): International postal matches are a rarity these days so this is a good opportunity for postal players. I need 10-12 players.

If you are interested in any (or all!) of these Matches, please contact Neil Limbert before January 26. Thank you!

Webserver Trios – December Update

Well played to William Houpt on winning Class 2 Trio No. 65 with a perfect score of 4/4. William has now been promoted to class 3 and awarded his first 4 BCCA Candidate Master Points. He can now play in both classes until he achieves the BCM Title.

Congratulations to SIM Andrew Dearnley on winning Class 3 Trio No.35 with an impressive score of 3.5/4 Andrew has been awarded 3 BCCA Master Points giving him a total of 20 and the BCCA Master Title, very well played !

BCM Dennis Broadway edged  out his fellow BCM’s in the Class 3 Trio No.43 with a score of 3/4. Dennis is awarded 3 BCCA Master Points taking his total to 15 (only 5 more points needed to gain the BM title).

Medal Tournament Entries now Open

The 2017 Medal tournaments will start late February or early March 2017. Entries are now being taken & you can enter online at our Payment Page: or you wait for the paper Entry form (which should arrive with the 2016 Yearbook shortly) if you wish to pay by cheque. Half-price entry cost has been maintained yet again for another year so the entry fee for webserver is £3.00, and £2.00 for postal.

I look forward to receiving your entries!

Players Required! For BCCA teams in the SCCA Webserver League

The Scottish CCA are organising their annual webserver Team event starting in January, and BCCA will be entering multiple teams as usual.  We entered 5 teams last season & would like to enter the same number or more this time around. So players are required! Would you like to play?

There is no Entry Fee as BCCA will be covering those costs. Each player played 6 or 7 games each last time. I know the timing of this event could be better because many of you are already committed to playing for the BCCA or other teams in the British WS Team tournament also starting next month. Both these events are outside our control so clashes like this are something we have to live with.

There were 3 Divisions last time & I expect the same again so all standards of player are catered for. If you wish to play, please let Neil Limbert know within the next 10 days!
Last season’s Divisions can be seen here:-

Webserver Trios – November Update

Congratulations to John Horton and Robert Bruce who are joint winners of Class 1  Trio  No.141 with identical scores of 3/4. John and Robert receive 1 BCCA Candidate Master point each and will both be promoted to class 2. Robert has now accumulated 14 BCCA Candidate Master Points whilst for John this is his first step towards the title (20 points needs to gain the title)

SIM Keith Kitson has won Class 3 Trio No.36 with an impressive score of 3.5/4. Keith is awarded 3 BCCA Master Points taking his total to 17 (just 3 more needed to gain the title.)

Congratulations to Mark Eldridge on winning Class 3 Trio No.40 with an excellent score of 3/4.
Mark is already holds the BCCA Master Title having gained it in 2015.

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