2014 Bronze Medal Tournament No.2 decided

Congratulations to Bill Clews on winning the tournament in a close fought finish with Colin Cheek. Bill scored 8.5 points and 8 wins and Colin finished on 8 points with 7 wins. Bill receives 5 BCM points and the engraved Bronze Medal, Colin receives 3 BCM points. Bill will play in the ‘Silver Tournament’ next time.

As an added bonus, Bill Clews has now accumulated 22 BCM points & is therefore awarded the BCCA Candidate Master (CM) Title. Congratulations to Bill!

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Neil Limbert is the 2013/14 BCCA Champion

The 2013/14 BCCA Championship Final has been won by our General Secretary Neil Limbert in a nail biting finish with Mark Eldridge and Dominique Conterno. Both Neil and Mark scored 7 points but Neil had the better SB score of 31.25 against Mark’s 31.00 – it could not have been closer. Neil wins 1st Prize of £100.00 + 12 BCCA Master Points. Together with his previous Master points he now earns the BCCA Master Title. He will also be presented with the ‘Charters Trophy’ at the AGM to hold for the next year. Mark in 2nd place receives £50.00 and 7 BCCA Master Points, Dominique in 3rd place scored 6.5 points and receives £25.00 and 3 BCCA Master points. Very well played gentlemen.

Prize money for the championship is being doubled for the 2014/15 competition and thereafter so don’t miss out, get your entries in before the 31st August.

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2014 Bronze Medal Tournament No.1 – Decided

Congratulations to Robert Bruce on winning the tournament and the ‘Bronze Medal’ with a score of 9/10 and 8 wins, very well played. Robert is also awarded 5 BCM Points and will play in the ‘Silver Tournament’ next year. Keith Dudeney came second with a score of 7.5/10 and 6 wins, Keith is awarded 3 BCM Points.

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John Brasier – BCCA Candidate Master!

John Brasier is the latest BCCA member to achieve the BCCA Candidate Master (CM) Title. John won a Class 1 Trio, a Class 2 Trio & a BCCA Championship Candidates section. In addition, he came 2nd in a Silver Medal tournament, and just come 2nd in the British Championship Candidates Tournament for 2013/4. All these tournaments have earned him a total of 23 CM points – well done John!

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BCCA Gambit/Counter Gambit Final Results 2013-14

Here are the final results for the 2013/14 season which have just been announced by the Tournament Director, Fred Clough.

Gambit Post/e-mail. Winner C.D.Gallimore 10. S.E.Cranmer 7.5 E.E.Wright 6.5 S.Olson 2.5 R.Crawshaw 2.5 C.Neil 1

Gambit (e-mail) Winner D.Cook 5.5 P.Douglass 4 P.H.Tibbert 2.5 S.Olson 0
J.M.Perinetti withdrew at the start.

Counter Gambit (e-mail) Winner C.D.Gallimore 3.5 D.Cook 2.5 P.H.Tibbert 0
J.M.Perinetti withdrew at the start

Well played to one and all.

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Webserver Trio’s – July Update

Congratulations to Michael Krueger who has won Class 2 Trio No.28 with a perfect score of 4/4, very well played, Michael has been promoted to Class 3 and awarded 4 BCM Points.

John Dunn is the winner of Class 1 Trio No.76 with a score of 3.5/4 and has been promoted to Class 2, John also receives 2 BCM Points

Well played to Robert Evans on winning Class 2 Trio No.11 with a score of 3.5/4 Robert is promoted to Class 3 and awarded 4 BCM points.

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2013/14 Endgame Tournaments now Finished

The 2013/14 BCCA Endgame tournaments are both now completed. The E-mail tournament was won by P Douglass, and the Postal tournament by D Witt. Full scores here:- http://www.bcca.info/chesstournaments/endgame-tournaments/results/

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Correspondence Chess: Back Issues for Sale

Correspondence Chess: Back Issues for Sale

Back Issues of Correspondence Chess are in constant demand. That is good for me and good for you because it helps keep annual membership costs down. You can see from the list (see link below) that some Issues are completely sold out & no longer available. Also, I may only have one or two copies left of certain Issues. So DON’T MISS OUT! If you are a relatively new member or chess collector or general chess reader, here is your chance to add to your collection. See updated list here: http://www.bcca.info/magazine/chess-magazine/


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Ian Pheby wins British Veterans Championship

BCCA member Ian Pheby has won the 16th British Veterans Championship with a score of 7/10 – well played Ian! The full crosstable can be seen here: http://www.iccf.com/event?id=39914 . This is Ian’s 2nd victory in this event as he was also joint winner in 2011/12. Ian also picks up 10 BCCA Master points for this victory: Alan Sutton earns 2 points for his 3rd place.

The British Veterans Championship is run by the BFCC and this season saw the last time of the Veterans Championship as a Postal event. From now onwards, this tournament will be a webserver event and BFCC has high hopes that the number of entries will increase significantly because of this change. So, if you are 60 years of age or older (as at 1 September 2014), please consider entering! You can enter via your BCCA Membership Renewal (either online at this site or via your Membership Renewal Form)

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Email Tourney Section 2A

Ron Cooper has announced that in addition to his win in Section 4A in the 2013/14 Season, Anthony Tolliday has also won Section 2A with a perfect score of 4/4 against Jonathon Rashleigh and A.W. Smith, well-played Anthony.

The email tournament is winding down and no new sections will be started. Players should consider the Webserver Trio’s Tournament as an alternative.

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