Webserver Trios – January Update

Congratulations to Dennis Broadway who has won his 4th Class 2 Trio No.45 with a score of 3/4  in a close fought finish with Eugenio Spagnoli. Dennis has already achieved the coveted BCCA Candidate Master Title and is now pursuing his campaign in Class 3 where he has already notched up 6 points towards the BCCA Master Title.

Malcolm Winter has won Class 1 Trio No.99 with a score of 3/4  against Alex Tupper and Paul Clarke. Malcolm  has been awarded a further 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points bring his total to 12 – only another 8 to go for the title. Malcolm is already playing in Class 2 where 4 points are available for a win.

Congratulations to Iris Pardoe on winning Class 1 Trio with a perfect score of 4/4. Iris is promoted to class 2 and is awarded her first 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points well done !! (20 points needed to gain the title.)

Well done to all three players on each scoring 2/4 which results in a three way tie for first place (and not a single draw !!) in Class 1 Trio No.122.
It has been decided to award you all 1 BCCA Candidate Master point apiece. This takes Keith Dudeney’s total to 11, David Robert’s to 3 and gives Brian Robinson his foot on the ladder to the BCCA Candidate Master Title (20 points needed to gain the title.) There was no outright winner and no promotion from this Trio, Keith had already won promotion from BCCA/C1/Tr115

Congratulations to Maurice Carter on winning Class 1 Trio No.117 with two fine wins over Ron Cooper. Maurice receives 2 BCCA Candidate master points to add to the 4 he has already accumulated taking his tally to 6. Ron continues on 16 points so keep going only 4 more needed to make the title. Unfortunately due to the silent withdrawal of the 3rd competitor in this event there will be no promotion to class 2.

Mark Eldridge wins Donald Rodford Memorial!

After 13 months of play, the Donald Rodford Memorial has just finished. 34 players started play in late November 2014 with each player playing 8 games (pairings on the Italian system). The final score table can be seen here (change the “Show … entries” to 50 to see the full list of players) and you can see that five players all managed 6 points with 4 wins apiece. It was therefore necessary to go to the 2nd tie-break of Buchholz score (sum of opponents scores) and Mark Eldridge is declared the winner! Congratulations to Mark. He wins the Regency Chess Set & £80 in prize money. 2nd place is Tim Harding who wins £60. In joint 3rd place are Les Ellis & Leslie Eastoe who win £30 each. In 5th place is Philip Tolhurst who wins £10.

A big thank you to all the players for taking part in memory of Donald Rodford.

Webserver Trios – December Update

Congratulations to Steven Woodhouse on winning Class 1 Trio No. 113  with an excellent score of 3.5/4. Steven is already playing in Class 2 and receives a further 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points bring his total to 8. The other players were John Dunn and David Woodruff

Timothy Hall has won Class 1 Trio No.124 with a perfect score of 4/4 – very well played. Timothy is promoted to Class 2 and awarded 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points to start off his title campaign.

Steven Woodhouse has notched up as second Trio win this month in Class 2 Trio No.54. Steven scored a perfect 4/4 and is now promoted to Class 3. He is also awarded 4 BCCA Candidate Master Points bring his total to 12.

Congratulations to Richard Tillett on winning Class 2 Trio No.55 with an excellent score of 3.5/4. Richard is now promoted to class 3 and is awarded 4 BCCA Candidate Master Points taking his total to 6.

Andrew Dearnley has won this close fought Class 3 Trio No.27 with a score of 2.5/4 – well played. Andrew has been awarded 3 BCCA Master Points bringing his total to 17, just 3 more needed for the coveted BCCA Master title. The other players were Mike Richardt who finished with 2 points and Eoin Campbell with 1.5

2016 Medal Tournament Entries – List of Entries to date…

So far I have 49 entries for the 2016 Medal tournaments: 36 webserver & 13 postal.  The full list is below so, if you have already entered, your name should be there. I will accept entries up to January 31 so please considering entering if you haven’t already – only £3 for a webserver tournament & £2 for postal; an absolute bargain for both!

Webserver Entries as at 4 January:-

R Sherwood            810161       2346                                                                          B Thompson           210854       2339
H Sherwood           810202       2338
D Coyne                   211649        2329
K Kitson                   210569        2314
I Pheby                     210514        2281
A Sutton                  210709        2275
D Grobler               210847        2262
D Williamson       212314        2190
A Relyea                  514948       2171
A Sherwood           810212       2139                                                                           A Gardner              211403       2141
N Norman              210619        2138
E Campbell            620716        2120
C Cheek                  212453        2118
N Jefferson            210845      2077
R Rozanski            421439       2067
SW Thompson     211706      2049
A Reed                     210942       2040
W Lindberg           510398       2012
F McMahon           211460      1988
S Cole                       210447       1962
A Copsey                212104       1960
Y Sitorus                873066        1954
P Beckett               210454       1951
M Winter              211316        1940
S Smyth                  211569        1933
R Bruce                 212273         1883
B Wood                 211408         1868
P Morton              210477         1775
RD Picken            211815         1765
D Elwood             211643         1751
S Woodhouse    212334        1728
G Little                   212525        1567
A Knox                  629020         1545
C Neil                    211319          1497

Postal Entries as at January 4:-

S Cranmer         212058         2121
RHK Mann        210671         2092
R Dixon               210962         1969
P Phillips            210195         1967
P Beckett          210454          1951
JD Clapp            212144         1937
P Terry               212446         1887
P Morton          210477          1775
D Elwood          211643          1751
ADJ Smith        211336         1668
DK Toye            210966         1616
A Knox               629020         1545
C Neil                  211319         1497

New BCCA Candidate Master – Phill Beckett!

Phill Beckett has become BCCA’s latest Candidate Master after accumulating 21 BCCA Candidate Master points.  His points were obtained in Trio tournaments, Medal tournaments & the BCCA Reserves. Congratulations to Phill!

The full list of BCCA Title holders can be seen here: http://www.bccachess.org/members/bcca-titles-within-reach-of-every-player/current-title-holders-and-year-awarded/

Also, the current list of Title Points Awarded has been updated: http://www.bccachess.org/members/bcca-titles-within-reach-of-every-player/title-points-awarded/

Mark Smith wins Bronze Medal Tournament

Mark Smith has won the 2015 BCCA Webserver Bronze Medal Tournament No.2 by scoring a superb 12/12! Well played Mark. He is awarded a Bronze Medal & 5 Candidate Master points. 2nd place goes to Phill Beckett who is awarded 3 points. The full crosstable can be seen here: https://www.iccf.com/event?id=52164 where you will notice that only 9 games out of 78 played were drawn! Wonderful stuff.

Please remember that the 2016 Medal tournaments are now open for entry – all members invited! See the Yearbook for details.

Webserver Trios – November Update

Congratulations to Alex Tupper on winning Class 1 Trio No.94 with a perfect score of 4/4 – well played. Alex is now promoted to Class 2 and awarded 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points to start of his campaign for the title.

Congratulations to Keith Dudeney on winning Class 1 Trio No.115 with a perfect score of 4/4, Keith is now promoted to Class 2 and has been awarded 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points bringing his total 10.

Class 2 Trio No.52 has been won Roger Pearce with a score of 3/4 against Ron Cooper and Allan Gardner who drew for second place with 1.5 points each. Roger receives 4 BCCA Candidate Master points and is promoted to class 3 and now has 7 Candidate Master Points in total – well played.