Correspondence Chess: Back Issues for Sale

Correspondence Chess: Back Issues for Sale

Back Issues of Correspondence Chess are in constant demand. That is good for me and good for you because it helps keep annual membership costs down. You can see from the list (see link below) that some Issues are completely sold out & no longer available. Also, I may only have one or two copies left of certain Issues. So DON’T MISS OUT! If you are a relatively new member or chess collector or general chess reader, here is your chance to add to your collection. See updated list here:


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Ian Pheby wins British Veterans Championship

BCCA member Ian Pheby has won the 16th British Veterans Championship with a score of 7/10 – well played Ian! The full crosstable can be seen here: . This is Ian’s 2nd victory in this event as he was also joint winner in 2011/12. Ian also picks up 10 BCCA Master points for this victory: Alan Sutton earns 2 points for his 3rd place.

The British Veterans Championship is run by the BFCC and this season saw the last time of the Veterans Championship as a Postal event. From now onwards, this tournament will be a webserver event and BFCC has high hopes that the number of entries will increase significantly because of this change. So, if you are 60 years of age or older (as at 1 September 2014), please consider entering! You can enter via your BCCA Membership Renewal (either online at this site or via your Membership Renewal Form)

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Email Tourney Section 2A

Ron Cooper has announced that in addition to his win in Section 4A in the 2013/14 Season, Anthony Tolliday has also won Section 2A with a perfect score of 4/4 against Jonathon Rashleigh and A.W. Smith, well-played Anthony.

The email tournament is winding down and no new sections will be started. Players should consider the Webserver Trio’s Tournament as an alternative.

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Webserver Trios – June Update

Congratulations to new member, Andreas Katris on winning the Class 1 Trio No.81  with a score of 3/4 – this is Andreas’s second Class 1 win and earns him a further 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points – well played.

Congratulations to Trevor Carr who has won Class 2 Trio No.27 with a clean sweep of 4/4 – very well played. Trevor has been awarded a further 4 BCCA Candidate Master Points and entry to Class 3 Trio’s.

New Member, Peter O’Brien has won Class 1 Trio No.65 with a perfect score of 4/4. Peter is now eligible to play in Class 2 and has been awarded 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points – well played Peter.

Congratulations to Keith Dudeney on another fine win with a score of 4/4 in Class 1 Trio  No.71, Keith is already playing in Class 2 and receives a further 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points.

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New BCCA Candidate Master – Raymond Burridge

Congratulations to Raymond Burridge who secured the necessary 20 Candidate Master (CM) points by jointly winning his Postal Championship Candidates Section. Raymond obtained CM points in 9 separate events over the last three seasons to reach his target. Well played Raymond!

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New BCCA Master – Leslie Eastoe

Congratulations to Leslie Eastoe who has won the 2013 Gold Medal webserver tournament in a very close fought affair with 3 players on 6.5 points and 3 wins at the end. Leslie won with an SB score of 29.25, against 28.75 for Neil Jefferson and 28.25 for David Coyne. See:-

In addition to the ‘Gold Medal’ Leslie is also awarded 10 BM Points bringing his total to over 20 and earning him the prestigious ‘BCCA Master Title.’ Well played Leslie!



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BCCA v CCLA Australia

BCCA has won this very tight match! With only 2 games left we lead 29.5 – 26.5 – well done to the team. See:
The Australians are after a rematch starting in one month (earlier than originally anticipated). If you would like to play (this is a webserver match) , and your ICCF rating is under 2000 (max. rating 1999) please let me know before the end of June. I can only accept players who have already renewed their BCCA membership for next season so, if you haven’t already done that, please do so as soon as possible.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes,
Neil Limbert

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Patterson & Rodford Memorial Tournaments

The Tom Paterson Memorial & the Donald Rodford Memorial will start in December 2014. Entry is  restricted to renewing members only.

* Both tournaments are webserver only, and both are free to enter.

* The Tom Paterson Memorial will be for players under 2000 (maximum rating 1999).

* The Donald Rodford Memorial will be for players rated 2000 & over.

* Both tournaments will be arranged under the Italian pairing system – each player will play 8 games (4 white, 4 black) against 8 different opponents irrespective of the number of entries. This ensures the tournaments are over in one round & offers something different to standard BCCA events.

* Prize money for both events will be £80 for 1st, £60 for 2nd, £40 for 3rd, £20 for 4th & £10 for 5th.

* In addition, the winner of the Paterson Memorial will be awarded the Millard Silver King, suitably engraved, to keep forever. The winner of the Rodford Memorial will receive the Regency Chess Set kindly donated by the The Regency Chess Company

MIllards Silver King-1

Millards Silver King


Regency ‘Sicilian’ Chess Set










We hope that as many players as possible will enter these Memorial events in memory of Tom and Donald – both great servants of BCCA. The December start date is intended not to conflict with the BCCA Championship in September and the Medal Tournaments in March 2015.

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Webserver Trio’s – May Update

Congratulations to David Cook who wins Class 2 Trio No.25 with a perfect score of 4/4 – very well played. David has already achieved the BCCA Candidate Master Title and has now been promoted to Class 3 where BCCA Master Points are available.

Leslie Eastoe is the winner of Class 3 Trio No.9 with a score of 2.5/4 beating John Etherington by ½ point – well played. Leslie has been awarded 3 BCCA Master Points towards the Master Title.

Congratulations to New Member Dennis Broadway on winning Class 1 Trio No.79 with a perfect score of 4/4 – very well played. Dennis has qualified for Class 2 and been awarded 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points.

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World Championship Semi-Finals

World Championship Semi-Finals: BCCA members Tony Balshaw, Peter Catt & Alan Rawlings have all just began play in ICCF World Championship Semi-Finals. We wish them all good luck in very tough events.

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