Tom Paterson Memorial Finished

The final game in this tournament has now finished. The final tournament table can be seen here:

Change the “Show … entries” to show 50 entries. Then you can see the full table.

Congratulations to ERIC NETTLES for winning the tournament as the only player to score 8 out of 8 – well played! Eric has already received his prize.

There are four players on 7 points, all win 6 wins each, so it goes to the 2nd tie-break (Buccholz). The placings & prize-winners are:-

2nd: Helen Sherwood £60
3rd: Geoffrey Herbert £40
4th: Robert Rozanski £20                                                                                      5th: M Carter £10  

There were 5 players who finished on 6.5 who all played extremely well – Bob Bruce, Bill Clews, Colin Cheek, Sandy Smyth and Clive Mounsey.

I would like to thank you all for taking part in a very worthy tribute to the late Tom Paterson. And a big thank you to Dave Grobler for acting as Tournament Director.

Webserver Trio’s – October update

g_blameless-buddha-trio-98a19Class 2 Trio No37 has resulted in a tie between Colin Cheek and Michael Kruger with 2pts and 1 win a piece, Colin will receive 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points and promotion to Class 3, Michael unfortunately has not renewed his membership so leaves the tournament.

Dawn Williamson and Richard Williams share the honours in Class 2 Trio No.46 with 3 pts and 2 wins apiece. Both are awarded 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points, Richard is now promoted to Class 3 alongside Dawn.


Rodford Memorial: 4-way Tie at present

There are currently 4 players tied at the top in the Donald Rodford Memorial. See:- Results There are still 8 games remaining in the tournament & there are two other players who could yet join them on 6 points. So it will go down to the tie-breaks! All the players have 4 wins (1st tie-break) so it goes to the 2nd tie-break (Bucholz) which is the sum of their opponent’s scores.  This figure will continue to alter as other players finish their games so we might not know the winner until the final game. Exciting stuff!

BCCA Change of Domain

The new domain for BCCA has now gone live on please amend your book marks accordingly. This change reflects the desire to incorporate the word ‘chess’ in our domain name which will enhance our position with the major search engines. We have also updated our hosting so you should see a good improvement in site speed. Any web enquires going to will automatically be re-directed to This change also brings our domain inline with our ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ ID’s

Should you encounter any problems with the new domain please contact our Webmaster Tony Cannon

Webserver Trio’s – September Update

Ron Cooper has won Class 1 No.110 Trio with a score of 3.5/4 and returns to Class 2, Ron is also awarded a further 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points bringing his total to 13 – Well Played.

Ben Wood and Richard Akrill have tied for first place in Class 2 Trio No.51 with three points each. Both players are promoted to Class 3 and will receive 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points each.

Both Alan Marshall and Ray Cox have finished with 3 points apiece in Class 1 Trio No.108, Alan however allowed one of his games to default on time which means the result is awarded to Ray who receives 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points and returns to Class 2. Alan has apologised for his error which was unintentional.

Congratulations to Dennis Broadway on winning this close fought Class 3 Trio No.25 by ½ point from David Cook. Dennis secures the 3 sought after BCCA Master Points bringing his total to 6.

Congratulations to William Lindberg on winning Class 1 Trio No.120 with a perfect score of 4/4. William receives 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points and is promoted to class 2.

Very well played to John Brasier in Class 3 Trio No.26 – John is the 1st Player to win a Class 3 Trio with a perfect score of 4/4, he has been awarded 3 sought after BCCA Master Points bringing his total to 18 and needs just 2 more for the BCCA Master Title.